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We have been very thrilled to attend the Merkle Conference on October 11, held in Paris with Bitcoin rock star Andreas M. Antonopoulos.

It was organized by our friends from Eureka Certification (@EurekaCertif), CryptoFR (@CryptoFR) and Bitcoin France (@BitcoinFR). It was held on the @IngenieursECE campus, near the Eiffel Tower in Paris. The Evoluchain team also helped the organizers.

Nearly 100+ people were attending this event, on which Andreas M. Antonopoulos spoke a lot on the interest of the Bitcoin currency. A speech that was ending with this sentence : « Bitcoin is fungibilish »! Andreas even added for fun : « Liberté, égalité, fongibilité » !

Fungibility is also about privacy. (It means that Bitcoins must be indistinguishable.)

You can see some photos here under our slideshow, taken by Fabien, Evoluchain CTO.

More info here on Twitter and full video of the event below. When is the next Merkle Conf? 😉