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Deploy, Maintain And Secure Smart Contracts In Mass.

Evoluchain won the 1st BNP Paribas prize at VivaTech 2016.

Evoluchain VivaTech BNP Paribas winner

Watch the Blockchain TEDx talk by Evoluchain CEO Jérôme Roussin

B2B payments. P2P payments.

Rights and Identity Management.

Rewards and Certificates.

Our Vision


We deeply believe that the Blockchain can change many things with Smart Contracts and Decentralized Applications. However, how promising it could be, its tech part requires skills that companies don’t have internally. That’s where Evoluchain comes : with our BaaS (Blockchain as a Service) platform, we are connecting the dots by pluging companies business units onto Blockchain services.


With digital transformation, more than ever, companies need to focus on their core business or they could die. We get them rid of all paperwork and losses of time by responding with automation and security. So, as those companies need to evolve, and the Blockchain features are a wonderful opportunity for them… you may have guessed why we are called Evoluchain 😉


Evoluchain can work with a wide range of business units in various markets : traditionnal banking, financial services, insurrance, fintech, insurtech, data authentication, data integrity, copyrighting and ownership on music, pictures and other digital assets.

Evoluchain Intelligent Automation Platform Based Business Digital Trust

As Digital Economy Grows, Companies Need To Evolve

As Data Explodes, Data Security Concerns Explodes too


of the global economy will be entirely digital by 2020 *


of top 3100 wolrdwide managers think that technology with dramatically increase in the next 3 years *


of companies are more worried about their Online Privacy than one year ago **


of companies have limited their online activity in the last year due to Privacy Concerns **

* Source : Digital Economic Value Index, Accenture, january 2016

** Source : KPCB Internet Trends 2016

Connecting the dots : How do we make the world better?

For Companies

The Blockchain and Smart Contracts automatization features can accelerate many companies departments : accountability, sales, marketing, certifications, backups integrity, and many others. It allows your company to focus on its own development while our algorithms work in the background.

For Employees

With the help of Smart Contracts, employees have less paperwork and can work on more inspiriting and collaborative tasks. We are also strongly minimizing mistakes with the automation of tasks that will go through our platform.


For Individuals

As the processes that we plug onto the Blockchain sky rocket your Smart Contracts, you spend less time in consuming interactions. You set up the conditions of the contracts in Evoluchain interface and they will be auto executed as you wish. No more time wasted.

World, meet EvE.

EvE (Evoluchain Velocity Engine) allows your company to plug your business departments seamlessly onto the Ethereum Blockchain through our platform. We gave birth to EvE to allow your company to enjoy the Smart Contracts features without having to rebuild your entire IT infrastructure from zero. EvE can easily connect your data silos to blockchains and you can then create, manage and deploy your Smart Contracts from our interface. While EvE is still in the works, stay tuned of its early 2017 release by signing up on our mailing list below.

Evoluchain Founders

Evoluchain Founders Vivatech Jerome Roussin Fabien Champigny

Jérôme Roussin
CEO of Evoluchain

  • Business and Marketing profile
  • 14 years in marketing and communications in hi-tech industry
  • 3 years as an external companies advisor for digital transformation
  • Investor and board member of Cyberwatch
  • Teaches Information Sciences to Paris Sorbonne
  • Can snap a photo in less than a second

Fabien Champigny
CTO of Evoluchain

  • Tech and Developer profile
  • Full stack Dev
  • DevOps
  • 15 years in Tech
  • 10 years in Banking
  • Can fix the coffee machine with one finger

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